Fake adds-on are a threat to digital asset security| LogEditor #5

It is important to prefer platforms and applications, the source of which is reliable so that digital assets can be kept safely. However, ill-intentioned people are ceaselessly trying to do something.


The malicious adds-on pose a serious risk to digital assets, but Google has recently taken a step against such initiatives. Google has removed 49 adds-on that pose a threat to digital asset security from its web store. The adds-on that have been removed used to make an impression of a wallet application.

In fact, the most important characteristic of these adds-on is that they look similar to crypto wallets. It is thought that some users install such adds-on because they think they are really reliable.

Furthermore, some methods like fake grading can be employed in return for money so that these malicious adds-on can be activated. Thus, users can easily trust these highly graded fake applications that look similar in name and appearance.

In fact, the working principle of adds-on is quite simple. Once users save their own data, their information is archived by ill-intentioned people and in this way they can access users’ digital assets.

Recently, there has been news on the media about such a malevolent act. An advertisement was given on Google for a fake add-on on Chrome. It is claimed that with this fake add-on called “Ledger Live”, 1 million 400 thousand XRP was stolen.

Because of these risks, it is important to download adds-on through the links on the official websites of reliable wallets. The only way to remove these risks is to be careful about the similarity in name and appearance and use the adds-on shared by reliable sources…

Chiliz’s blockchain solution for football

The cryptocurrency market has hosted some constructive moves in sports and health in addition to security. As is known, matches have been postponed because of COVID-19. While the leagues have been disrupted in line with the decisions taken to protect the health of athletes and audience, Chiliz has come up with a blockchain-based solution for the process when the risks will decrease.

Chiliz is carrying out a project to ensure that the fans who have been diagnosed with Corona virus are given a card and take their seats in the tribune.

According to this project, the fans will get a digital immunity certificate, the data about their health status will be recorded in the blockchain and they will be able to have their seats in the tribune by getting their identity cards confirmed at the gates.

Chiliz has a contract with several sports clubs and if Chiliz’s proposal is put into effect, the audience can watch the matches in the stadium when the leagues start again.

China is continuing its digital money efforts

While there are efforts to minimize the effects of COVID-19 and get back to normal, people unavoidably direct their attention to China.

China has long been working on digital money and after Corona it has speeded up the process. Now they are in the testing phase of digital money. China has taken concrete steps for digital money, but it remains extremely conservative in terms of cryptocurrency.

China’s attitude to cryptocurrencies has not changed yet despite the decline in the interest in cash money, but the support they give to blockchain technology is well-known.

It is envisaged that China’s digital money move will accelerate the efforts in Europe and the USA. On the other hand, how long China will maintain its strict attitude to cryptocurrency is still an object of curiosity.

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