“Cryptocurrencies represents the future”

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, has been hosted by Ahmet Can on “Technolife” (Tekno Hayat) broadcasted on NTV. 

In the program where the theme was “blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem”, Can hosted Oral via online connection and asked him questions regarding the world of cryptocurrency that people were curious about. After stating the definitions of blockchain and cryptocurrency once again, Oral commented on the current and future position of the ecosystem.

Answering various questions such as whether cryptocurrency is secure and how it should be bought, “The cryptocurrency itself is secure, what makes it insecure is the platforms it is traded on,” said Yasin Oral, and he underlined that the investors should be careful on that matter. He mentioned that Paribu only lists more than 30 cryptocurrencies whose security was proofed, and it offers a meticulous service so that cryptocurrencies can be traded securely.

Oral answered the questions about the future of the ecosystem and mentioned that a lot of things are more independent, decentralized, and individual compared to the past. He emphasized that cryptocurrencies represent the future and said: “This situation manifested itself in the world of finance as well, and now the decentralized solutions are preferred.”

You can watch the full episode below.

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