Blockchain technology is on duty in the fight against Corona LogEditor #4

Last week, one of the most important topics of discussion was the Bitcoin Cash halving, which had been strongly anticipated. Another hot topic was the increasing benefits of blockchain technology with regard to projects about Coronavirus.


Bitcoin Cash halving and the early effects

The crowd-puller of the week was the block reward competition at Bitcoin Cash. The block reward decreased from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH with halving.

  • The first effect of this was observed right after the halving. While it normally takes 10 minutes to generate BCH blocks, it took about two hours for the first block to appear after halving.
  • Yet, the block generation process got back to normal later on.
  • The effect of halving on the processing power will be more healthily observed in time.
  • Following Bitcoin Cash, the halving of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision took place, too. Now the Bitcoin halving in May is being expected.

The symptoms of the virus can be watched with blockchain

Blockchain technology is being used in the fight against Corona.

  • It was already shared by the media that SF Express, a China-based delivery services company has turned to blockchain technology to carry medical equipment.
  • As we have already stated in our previous LogEditor article, The World Health Organization is working on  blockchain to share the data about the pandemic.
  • There has been another new development in the field. VitalHubCorp, a Canada-based technology company has announced that they have developed a blockchain-based application to scan the symptoms of the virus.
  • The application called DOCit will record symptoms like fever, headache and respiratory disorder and share them in real-time.

Mining system license to Microsoft

One of the most important developments of the week was the mining license Microsoft received.

  • The company wants to offer rewards in cryptocurrencies for certain tasks.
  • Microsoft is planning to analyze the tasks done with a system integrated into users’ devices and offer cryptocurrencies to users in return for the tasks performed.

Paribu sponsored ISTBCW Use-Case series continues

The work on blockchain technology is continuing in Turkey.

  • Use-case series, which was undertaken by BlockChain Women known for their efficient work in cryptocurrency and blockchain, is now continuing with Paribu’s sponsorship
  • In the first Paribu sponsored presentation, Dr. Gökçe Phillips talked about “Cryptocurrencies and Token Economy”.
  • The cooperation between Paribu, which continuously works to enable Turkey to benefit from blockchain technology, and Istanbul Blockchain Women was called to be an important step for the development of the ecosystem.

All these developments reveal that blockchain technology is critical both in economic terms and in the fight against Coronavirus. It is obvious that any work is done and any step taken in this field will offer serious advantages.

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