Bikem Kanık talks about blockchain ecosystem with Uçurtma Projesi (The Kite Project) team

Uçurtma Projesi (The Kite Project), as the finalist of “Blockchain Startup Challenge,” which was organized in collaboration with Hacquarters and Paribu Hub, introduced a project called ‘Blockchain Chats.’ In the recent video series, Bikem Kanık, the Member of the Advisory Committee of Paribu, was invited as a guest.

Answering the questions of the team behind Uçurtma Projesi (The Kite Project), Bikem Kanık talked about her career journey and efforts made to raise awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem in Turkey.

Kanık said, “Paribu is Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform and is fully committed to carry out its activities with this in mind. It plays a crucial role in introducing Turkey to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.” In addition, she also talked about Paribu’s efforts to prevent info pollution around the ecosystem.

Kanık also mentioned about Paribu Hub on the subject of awareness:

“Paribu Hub was launched with an aim to allow Turkey to produce the technology of the future in advance. Here, we undertake training collaborations for people and especially for young individuals to improve themselves on blockchain space. We provide support to projects that aim for developing blockchain-based solutions. All these activities are consistent with Paribu’s vision to “build the future”.”

Breaking through the glass ceiling as women in the blockchain ecosystem.

Talking about the pros and cons of participating as a woman in the blockchain ecosystem, Kanık also mentioned the survey titled “Women in the Blockchain Ecosystem,” conducted by Akademetre in collaboration with Paribu and Istanbul Blockchain Women as well as the survey results.

Kanık states that it is important for women to have a voice in an ecosystem that is developing and promising. On the other hand, she pointed out that women may have certain disadvantages based on some results of the professional survey. She said, “Whereas women are expected to be hindered less by job loss due to technology in OECD countries, men are expected to take more roles in new business lines that need a workforce,” emphasizing that this may create an unfair competition environment against women.

You can read the full interview from the link.

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