AS Roma Fan Token (ASR) explained in 6 steps

It is the fan token of AS Roma and its ticker is ASR.

  1. When and by whom was it founded?

It was created by the cooperation of and As Roma, and it was launched on January 22, 2020.

  1. The Infrastructure of ASR

Similar to all fan tokens, it is an ERC-20-based cryptocurrency, and it works with Chiliz infrastructure. ASR is an “utility token”.

  1. What does ASR promise to the users?

The aim of fan tokens is to strengthen the ties between the club and the supporters even further and direct it towards a different direction. It promises the supporters a platform where they can have more of a say in the club decisions. And the clubs have a new investment channel with the system.

  1. Is ASR mined?

ASR is not a type of cryptocurrency that is mined. However, it is possible to earn ASR by participating in reward hunts and games.

  1. The lowest and highest price with the total supply

The lowest value of ASR was recorded on September 6, 2020, as $2.27. On December 29, 2020, it reached its highest value at $26.69. With a total supply of 10,000,000 ASR, the circulating supply of the fan token is 1,220,010 ASR.

  1. How to make ASR transactions on Paribu?

You can click on the link and make your ATM transactions right away via Paribu.

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