Support Analysis: User sharing personal information with third parties


Withdrawal from the user’s account after the user shares personal information with third parties.


The user contacted the Support Unit to report Bitcoin withdrawal from his/her account without his/her knowledge. Upon the receipt of the notification of the issue, our technical team initiated the examination process.

The examination revealed that someone has logged in to the user account using the current user password and single-use two-factor authentication (2FA) code sent as an SMS message. It was found out that the withdrawal process was also carried out by approval via the user’s e-mail address. Unless disclosed to third parties by the user, it is not possible for any third party to know the user password or single-use 2FA code to log in to the user account and withdraw cryptocurrency from the user’s account.


In this case, it is highly likely that the user has committed one or several security breaches described below:

  • Sharing the user password and security details with third parties, using the account jointly with others;
  • Giving up the user password and security details to third parties with malicious intent by unwittingly clicking on links to fake websites designed to look just like the original site (i.e., “phishing” websites) on search engines or social media platforms;
  • Sharing personal data with third parties on social media or closed groups.

The user is advised to have recourse to judicial authorities without delay in case of any loss of personal data and/or assets due to such reasons.

What should I do?

Paribu always updates its security measures to protect user data and assets. Users are also required to take necessary measures accordingly. It is the account holder that is primarily responsible for keeping his/her account access information safe.

For more detailed information, please click on our article titled “What are the points to consider when you are logging in to your Paribu account?”.

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