Paribu distributes all GAS tokens and BTTs obtained from NEO and Tron networks to its active users

Having regularly distributed its active users all the 12,795 GAS tokens and 7,369,977 BTTs obtained from NEO and Tron so far, Paribu still maintains this practice. 

In order to ensure network liquidity, NEO blockchain generates GAS tokens in each block, and these tokens are regularly distributed to the wallet owners by Paribu.

Paribu has distributed 12,795 GAS tokens, which constitute the entire GAS token amount obtained from NEO blockchain since the listing date of NEO on the platform, proportionally and on a monthly basis, to its users having NEO in their accounts.

Having applied the same practice for TRX, Paribu distributes, on a monthly basis, BitTorrent Tokens (BTTs) to its users who have this cryptocurrency in their wallets. Every month Paribu proportionally distributes the entire amount of BTTs obtained since the day BTTs began to be distributed on Tron to its users who have TRX in their balance. The BTT amount which has been distributed so far constitutes 7,369,977 BitTorrent tokens.

Having recently listed XTZ, ONT, and ATOM, Paribu continues its efforts on staking.

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