“We act with due care and diligence to protect investors”

Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu was the guest in “Yeni Şeyler Rehberi” presented by Serhat Ayan in Radyo Sputnik.

Stating that blockchain technology had worked flawlessly for many years without being controlled by authorities, Oral commented, “Blockchain entered our lives as decentralized finance. It continues developing and being developed in this way”. Emphasizing that Paribu also had efforts relating to blockchain, Oral said, “We do not want to make such efforts only for finance. We are committed to setting up a playground where other projects could also be built”.

We act with due diligence and care in the listing.

Oral has explained that although there are more than 6,000 types of cryptocurrencies, Paribu currently has 22 types. Oral said:

“Technically, listing cryptocurrencies is quite easy. Paribu receives listing requests for almost any cryptocurrency that has been released. However, we act with strict due diligence and care when determining their eligibility for listing. We are very careful about protecting investors”.

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