“Turkey can be a cryptocurrency hub in the region”

In an interview with Yasemin Salih, a columnist from the newspaper Dünya, Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu stated that Paribu was going to carry out a crucial project in blockchain technology and argued, “Turkey can be a cryptocurrency hub in the region”.

“Once we put our project into effect, everyone interested in this market will come together to share their experience. We will bring together people who are dedicated to this market. We will train young entrepreneurs and those who seek career opportunities in this field and provide them with mentorship here”. Oral added:

“We are, in a sense, planning to make this platform an incubation center for blockchain. There are, in fact, numerous entrepreneurship opportunities in this world. The ecosystem is so young, and we want it to be demand-driven.”

Click the link to read the interview  “Establishing the incubation center for cryptocurrency” by Yasemin Salih published in Dünya.

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