“The regulation is one of our greatest expectations”

This week, Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, was hosted on Kripto Veteran published by BTCHaber and sponsored by Paribu. 

In the program, where questions from the followers were directed as well, many topics regarding Paribu and the industry were discussed. Assessing the progress of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Yasin Oral said: “Last year around these times we would be glad about trading volumes of approximately $40-50 million, but now, a volume of $1 billion is perceived as standard. It is a great change, and it can be observed in the world as well.” Touching upon the interest in Turkey, “This leads to a burden likes of which we have never seen before. There is an extreme interest in Turkey. As Paribu, we have exceeded significant trading volume levels. We keep performing improvements, however more is on the way. And we try hard to achieve more,” Oral stated.

“Millions of people downloaded Paribu”

Informing us that some cryptocurrency transaction platforms declare false trading volume data, Oral continued his words: “There is no mechanism to control this. From this viewpoint, the biggest question mark is about the trading volume. On the other hand, we were the only Turkish platform listed among the ones getting the most traffic and increasing the traffic most in the world.

Oral stated that millions of people downloaded Paribu mobile application and added: “There are many parameters to be considered. That’s why I do not rely on the rankings that much. As Paribu, we know ourselves well enough and we are ready for the regulations. I have a single benchmark. Where are we among the platforms sharing their data transparently with the public and executing transactions with fiat money? I only find this important.”

Regarding the regulation, Yasin Oral spoke as follows:

  • “We will develop the ecosystem together yet, we walk on different paths. There are a lot of Twitter accounts, YouTube videos and Telegram groups advising the users what to buy and sell. People disclose their balances there and there is only a little bit of social engineering left for these accounts to do. Therefore, these matters should stay strictly confidential. These are the details you shouldn’t share on such platforms. Thus, there are a lot of problems arising from the user and we try our best to eliminate them.
  • Social media has gone off the rails. People, who wrote about tanks as recently as yesterday, publishes articles on cryptocurrencies today. As if they have been in this ecosystem for years. It feels like I dwelled on my work for so many years in vain.”

“We performed improvements”

During the live broadcast, user demands and reviews were discussed as well. Yasin Oral stated:

  • “I accept the criticism, but we, including me, do everything that we can do. Technically, we are above Unicorn status and we are considering something else. Our sole worry is to satisfy the user.”
  • “Even during an outage of just 5 minutes, the number of support demands sent to the support team reaches 40 thousand. Due to this congestion, some serious problems remain behind, and it is quite annoying and upsetting for us as well. We performed some improvements regarding this. These will be put into effect and there will be no problems left.”
  • “In 2017 such a hype emerged. However, the leading markets such as Coinbase and Kraken became acquainted with this earlier and performed their improvements accordingly. But human resources are really scarce. We have very skillful software developers. Yet, we do not have time to do tests on an active and operating system.”
  • “Back in the day, the weekends were so relaxed. Between 5:00-7:00 p.m., it used to be very quiet. We would perform improvements in this time frame, but today we have no such vacant periods anymore. Yes, there are problems; however, they are not permanent. The banks perform improvements to eliminate a part of these problems as well. It is not possible for me to predict what an established bank cannot predict anyway. The problems of transfer delays arise mainly from this. In short, these problems are not permanent, they stem from handling the whole burden instantly.”
  • “The congestions that would jam our website has become ordinary for us and the system works well. In a very short time we will be able to provide for more.”

“We work through day and night to prevent an outage”

In the program, Yasin Oral was asked about the groundless claim that “the system was turned off by Paribu and Paribu yields earnings in the meantime”.

Stating, “The system is off during that time. It is not possible for me to trade on the system. I cannot give an account for such a thing. These are recorded on logs. I wouldn’t be able to explain this the next day. I just wanted to put this clear,” he emphasized that this claim do not reflect reality at all. Additionally, “We work through day and night to prevent any possible outage or congestions,” Oral said.

Paribu Hub’s contribution to human resources

Türün mentioned that 250 thousand people can access Paribu per minute and this is an unprecedented achievement in Turkey, and underlined that the human resources are too limited to handle the burden in the industry. Türün asked what kind of efforts Paribu pursues to bring up human resources.

Expressing that a lot of projects including Paribu Hub have been on their checklist since 2018, Oral continued: “In these projects, we faced the obstacle of human resources again. We thought that this would not go as we planned. We started working on Paribu Hub this way.” Oral reminded that Paribu Hub supports enterprises and contributes to the ecosystem by establishing training cooperations.

You can watch the full episode from the link below.

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