The Mainnet of Paribu Net, Paribu’s blockchain project, was launched

The Mainnet of Paribu Net, which was announced by Paribu in January and went live on the testnet as Paribu’s new blockchain project, was launched and PRB, the native token of the network, was listed on Paribu.

What is next after the launch of the Mainnet?

With the launch of the Mainnet, smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) can be developed on Paribu Net. Developers will be able to create tokens by P20 token standard and mint NFTs by P721 standard on the public network.

What does Paribu Net offer?

In addition to being a fast, scalable, economic, and secure network, Paribu Net also offers interoperability. Being compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Paribu Net allows for interoperability across multi-blockchain networks. Being compatible  with  Ethereum  Virtual Machine  (EVM),  Paribu  Net  provides  interoperability with other EVM compatible blockchains.

For more detailed information about Paribu Net, please click here.

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