“The best system found so far is the system to start with blockchain”

The 3rd episode of Yekta Kopan ile Yarının Dünyası (The World of Tomorrow with Yekta Kopan), where Emre Alkin and Turan Sert were hosted, has been broadcasted. Starting with the history and philosophy of the concept “asset”, the conversation took us to the complicated aspects of blockchain and Elon Musk and Tesla.

While Alkin and Sert expressed how revolutionary the blockchain technology is, they also underlined that it has significant power in the sense of protection and transfer of labor and knowledge in every field.

Emre Alkin expressed his thoughts on the topic by saying, “When we wonder whether there is a system acknowledging the real value of labor, we can say that the best system ever found is the one to start with blockchain”. Then Turan Sert stated that blockchain technology took on the protection and transfer of the existence of knowledge and added: “We gained the chance to protect and transfer the asset and keep it scarce without depending on any centralized authority.”

Areas of use for blockchain technology

When Yekta Kopan asked the guests “In which areas are the blockchain technology used? Where does the feature of decentralization will lead us to?”, Alkin and Sert expressed their thoughts from different perspectives.

Approaching the matter from a skeptical viewpoint, Alkin stated that blockchain technology helps to eliminate doubts regarding the operation. “We can return the data anywhere in the world authentically, autonomously and anonymously in a way that does not allow any destruction,” he said.

Turan Sert highlighted the importance of the concept of “authenticity” and gave an example regarding its usage in the field of art. Sert shed light on the issue with his words: “When the artist records his work on the blockchain via a smart contract and indicated that he is selling it to the X person and if the customer resells it he will take a 10% share, the smart contract transfers 10% of the sales value to the seller automatically.”

You can watch the full episode, where a lot of frequently asked questions on blockchain were answered from the link below.

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