Solutions brought by “tokenization” were discussed in Paribu-sponsored ISTBCW meet-up

In the Paribu-sponsored meet-up organized by Istanbul Blockchain Women (ISTBCW), the solutions brought by “tokenization” were discussed.

Burak Yetişkin, the United Nations (UN) CEFACT Consultant, participated as a guest in the live broadcast hosted by Ebru Güven, Burcu Başak Yiğit and Menekşe Hüryaşar.

Yetişkin explained the term “tokenization” as follows: “Breaking into pieces of a specific service, product, or ownership, and then distribution and trading of such pieces”. Yetişkin stated that initially, people used to ask whether it was possible to get service in exchange for a token, but in time “tokenization” activities were diversified with the inclusion of various products, assets, and real estate property.

You can watch below the meet-up broadcast for a discussion on the inclusion of assets in the economy through “tokenization” and the democratization of ownership.

Bu içerik en son 26 October 2022 tarihinde güncellenmiştir.


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