“Rather than an alternative, Bitcoin has now become the main actor”

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, stated in the article he wrote for the December issue of Platin Magazine: “Bitcoin, which had always been mentioned as an alternative, has become one of the main actors of the sector now. Moreover, there is no centralized authority behind this authority but the technology itself.”

Cryptocurrency units, particularly Bitcoin, have created a system where the finance is entirely changed, renewed, fastened with the technology behind them, and on which a security update has been performed,” mentioned Oral and continued:

“History has proven over and over again: It is impossible to resist technology. Adaptation to some developments may be postponed for some time. However, it is not possible to increase the following distance between us and technology that always goes forward.”

You can read the full article written by Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu on platinonline.com.

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