Paribu was the theme sponsor of the 39th Istanbul Film Festival

Paribu was the theme sponsor of Istanbul Film Festival, which is organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) and stands out as the most comprehensive film organization in Turkey.

Paribu announced that it was the theme sponsor of the 39th Istanbul Film Festival, the most comprehensive film organization in Turkey.

The audience will have the chance to see “International Contest”, “National Documentary Contest”, and “Filmekimi Galas” films within the scope of the film festival held between October 9th and October 20th. Whereas “International Contest” films are scheduled for exclusive screening on the festival online platform, “National Documentary Contest” and “Filmekimi Galas” films will be presented both online and in Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı and Kadıköy Movie Theaters. A total of 40 new films will be introduced to the audience during the festival in October.

“Filmekimi Galas” under the sponsorship of Paribu meet the audience

One of the most favorite sections in Istanbul Film Festival, “Galas” welcome Filmekimi this year. The award-winning films highly anticipated by film lovers will be premiered in Turkey within “Filmekimi Galas” under the sponsorship of Paribu. All “Filmekimi Galas” films will be shown in movie theaters. 5 of these films will also be available for streaming online.

Commenting that they are highly proud of sponsoring the most comprehensive film event in Turkey, Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu, said:

“As Paribu, we are highly proud to be a part of a film ecosystem that hosts an audience of 68 million a year. We are glad to contribute to the film industry and to help with the offering of selected films from around the world to film fans. We set out on this journey with IKSV Ground Floor, and now we are continuing with Istanbul Film Festival. We would like to express our gratitude to IKSV for both their cooperation and contribution to the film industry. As Paribu, we will continue to support culture and arts and create value in this field.”

Films to be on screen within “Filmekimi Galas” under the sponsorship of Paribu:

  • Anne Gibi / Asa ga Kuru / True Mothers / Naomi Kawase / Japan (online and movie theaters)
  • Önsezi Kitabı / The Book of Vision / Carlo Hintermann / Italy, the UK, Belgium (online and movie theaters)
  • İyi Bir Eş Olmanın Yolları / La bonne épouse / How To Be A Good Wife / Martin Provost / France (online and movie theaters)
  • Alabora / Surge / Aneil Karia / the UK (online and movie theaters)
  • Pinokyo / Pinocchio / Matteo Garrone / Italy, France, the UK (online and movie theaters)
  • Günler / Rizi / Days / Tsai Ming-liang / Taiwan
  • 85 Yazı / Eté 85 / Summer of 85 / François Ozon / France, Belgium
  • Alelade Bir Yuva / Nowhere Special / Uberto Pasolini / Italy, Romania, the UK
  • Umudun Dili / Persian Lessons / Vadim Perelman / Russia, Germany
  • Undine / Christian Petzold / Germany, France
  • Yaramaz Çocuk / Enfant Terrible / Oskar Roehler / Germany
  • Kaçan Kadın / Domangchin yeoja / The Woman Who Ran / Hong Sang-soo / South Korea
  • Körkütük / Druk / Another Round / Thomas Vinterberg / Denmark
  • Ter / Sweat / Magnus von Horn / Poland, Sweden
  • Nomadland / Chloé Zhao / the USA
  • İnsan Sesi / The Human Voice / Pedro Almodóvar / Spain, the USA

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