Paribu sponsors IKSV Alt Kat

Paribu will support IKSV Alt Kat, which directly reaches children, young people and groups with limited access to culture and arts and organizes activities aimed at them.

Continuing to invest in the education of children and youth, Paribu, Turkey’s digital asset platform with the highest trading volume, has started to sponsor IKSV Alt Kat.

IKSV Alt Kat was opened in 2019 and in a year it has organized programs attended by over 2800 children, young adults, parents, culture professionals and artists. IKSV Alt Kat has organized more than 270 activities and workshops as part of its projects. Since April, IKSV Alt Kat has accessed young people and people with limited access to culture and art through live broadcasts on social media. The live broadcasts that take place on IKSV Alt Kat’s Instagram account will continue in May and June, too. Besides, once the precautions come to an end and IKSV Alt Kat gets reopened, the workshops sponsored by Paribu will continue until the end of March 2021 along with digital contents.

The cooperation between Paribu and IKSV Alt Kat will help children meet new people working in culture and arts, get familiar with their ideas and roles and develop new skills. There will be activities to enable children to imagine, design and be creative. In this way, children will be encouraged to be more successful, decided, sensitive, confident and enterprising.

The aim of this sponsorship is to make more children get familiar with culture and arts. The research reveals that being introduced to cultural and artistic activities at a young age has positive effects on children’s creativity, abstract and conceptual thinking and self-expression.

Paribu’s CEO Yasin Oral said that they will take important steps for children’s development through their cooperation with IKSV Alt Kat and added “At Paribu we find it very important that children and youth get familiar with arts and culture and enjoy the benefits of technological advances. We think it is our responsibility. We will keep working to help raise young people who will see the entire world as their playground”.

Görgün Taner, General Manager of IKSV has indicated that they are very excited about this new cooperation and said:

“We established IKSV Alt Kat to increase and diversify opportunities to access and participate in cultural activities. We are glad that with Paribu’s support we will be able to continue our workshop program which was prepared in cooperation with Istanbul Festivals and biennials and IKSV Alt Kat for children and youth. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Paribu for being with us especially in these days when the support for culture and art has become very important.”

IKSV Alt Kat is speeding up its digital activities

IKSV Alt Kat has started its activities sponsored by Paribu. Recently, it has been continuing its activities in digital platforms because children stay home more.

IKSV Alt Kat is giving live broadcasts for children and their parents with Paribu’s sponsorship. The activities began with the fairy tale activity and kite workshop in the week of April 23rd. On May 1st, a broadcast was made to talk about the positive effects of arts during the self-isolation and social distancing period. The plan is to continue giving broadcasts every week until summer with participants from diverse fields. You can reach the broadcasts from

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