Paribu sponsored the new episode of “Rabarba Talk” presented by Mesut Süre

The new episode of “Rabarba Talk” by Mesut Süre was sponsored by Paribu.  Cem İşçiler and Barış Akyüz were the guests in the program.

In the program, various answers were given to the question “What will not change but remain the same 500 years later?”. Mesut Süre estimated that cryptocurrencies would survive in the next 500 years.

Underlining that 22 types of cryptocurrencies are traded on Paribu, Süre pointed out that users could purchase cryptocurrency even for 10 TL on Paribu.

During the program, Paribu Alarm was brought to the table. Paribu Alarm is a feature of Paribu mobile app, which notifies the user when the selected cryptocurrency reaches the determined price.

You can watch below the Paribu-sponsored new episode of “Rabarba Talk”.

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