Paribu Hub is founded | The first training is “Blockchain Developer Certificate Program”

Paribu has founded Paribu Hub with the aim to transform Turkey into a producer of blockchain technology.

Founded to contribute to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, to bring up human-resource, and to support enterprises, Paribu Hub will organize certificate programs for those who wish to develop themselves in the area.

After the training, Paribu Hub will create employment for young people with high potential, and will provide investment and business development guidance to start-ups and individuals wishing to realize their projects.

The applications for the first training of Paribu Hub has started

Paribu Hub organizes “Blockchain Developer Certificate Program” in cooperation with Kadir Has University Lifelong Learning Academy. The program will be held every Saturday between the dates of March 6 and April 17.

In the scope of the program, İsmail Hakkı Polat, Tansel Kaya, and Şen Ferhat will provide the following trainings: “Basics of Blockchain”, “Industry-Specific Blockchain Applications”, “Technical Operation of Blockchain Platforms”, “Smart Contract Programming”, “Advanced Blockchain Concepts”, and “Applied Blockchain Laboratory”.

Paribu will offer 15 scholarships to the training with a quota of 30 participants.

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