Paribu and Akustikhane introduce the songs of tomorrow to music lovers with the series “Yeni Yerli” (New Local)

With its approximately 4 million users, Paribu, Turkey’s biggest cryptocurrency transaction platform by tradingvolume, contributes to the music of tomorrow. In the series “Yeni Yerli” (“New Local”) prepared by Akustikhane with the sponsorship of Paribu, the songs to leave a mark in our future are introduced to the music lovers now.

Recording the musicians audio and video songs from both famous musicians and the ones we have not yet met, Akustikhane started the series “Yeni Yerli” (New Local) with the contribution of Paribu, where 11 new artists perform both covers and their own songs.

Firstly, the songs by Asya Sarı, Ceylan Anıl, Emir Baran Sezginer, and Sinan Günel were broadcasted.

First guest of the stage of “Yeni Yerli” (New Local): Asya Sarı 

In the series “Yeni Yerli” (New Local) broadcasted under the sponsorship of Paribu, the first guest was young pianist Asya Sarı. Asya Sarı, whose talent for music was discovered at very young ages, received education from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Piano Bachelor of Arts.

The musician, who continues her studies with success, started composing her own songs at the age of 11. Later, she had a chance to work with important pianists such as İdil Biret and Deniz Kozukhin. While following her master’s degree, Aslı Sarı also continues her self-development by receiving voice production training.

The wind of Ceylan Anıl blown all over the stage of “Yeni Yerli” (New Local)

Entered the world of music by playing the piano at a young age, Ceylan Anıl played roles in various Broadway musical adaptations such as “Rent” and “Rock of Ages” performed by Middle East Technical University Music Club during her studies.

Performing as a solo singer in various bands, she was mentored by Başak Yavuz and Sibel Köse while following Istanbul Bahçeşehir University Jazz Graduate Program. Having taken the stage in many concert halls in Istanbul, she performs soul, R&B, funk, pop and jazz genres.

“I am pursuing my dreams from the age of 17”

Started acting during his high school years, Emir Baran Sezginer performed as a street musician in the band he formed at the age of 17.

As a self-defined dreamer and conservatory student, he continues taking the stage at various venues and bringing many characters into life at the theatre stage. Sezginer stated: “I am pursing my dreams from the age of 17.”

Sinan Günel, a musician who has written more than 40 songs, at the stage of “Yeni Yerli” (New Local)

Sinan Günel, whose musical interest dates back to his primary school years, started to play an instrument during his high school years, and he was inclined to pop music. After completing his guitar training ranking first in class, he graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Fine Arts Music Bachelor of Arts. While receiving viola and piano education during this bachelor studies, he started to write lyrics. Günel, who has written more than 40 songs, does not cease producing music and contributing to the music industry.

With the series “Yeni Yerli” (New Local), whose first four episodes were broadcasted, Akustikhane and Paribu will continue introducing the names from the new generation and unheard songs to the music lovers weekly.

You can watch the videos of the series “Akustikhane: Yeni Yerli” (“Akustikhane: New Local) via the YouTube channel.

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