On recent developments

As the biggest crypto asset transaction platform per trading volume with its 3.5 million users, we follow the developments discussed in the news and social media posts together with all stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Since 2017, the year we were established, we have emphasized the necessity of the regulations, and we support relevant efforts to ensure the healthy progress of the crypto asset industry. We have been in close cooperation for a long time with the relevant public institutions to legally secure user rights.

As the leading platform, which follows the regulations in pioneer countries meticulously and pursues its efforts accordingly, we protect the data and assets of all our users with the security protocol and procedures we implement continuously. All assets in TRY and crypto assets of our users are guaranteed with internal audit procedures. The assets of our users are kept in cold wallets, whose security is ensured.

  • Paribu is a corporation founded as per Turkish Commercial Law and it is subjected to all legislations, particularly Turkish Commercial Law and Turkish Code of Obligations. We act in full compliance with these legislations. The earnings acquired are taxed and paid as per the relevant legislations.
  • Moreover, Paribu has been pursuing efforts to realize the audit phases including user assets and capital adequacy with an independent auditing firm. At the end of the process, the audit reports will be published in accordance with our transparency principle.

As we mentioned, since it is a company supporting the regulations and works in a well-prepared manner for a possible regulation, you can securely execute your transactions 24/7 through Paribu.

You can reach our Support Unit 24/7 through “Request Support” link at the bottom of our website, “Support” section on the application or by sending a direct message to the account ” @ParibuDestek” on Twitter.

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