“Not blockchain but cryptocurrencies need to be regulated”

Yasin Oral, CEO of Paribu, was hosted on the 4th episode of “The World of Cryptocurrency Explained in 10 Questions” (10 Soruda Kripto Para Dünyası) broadcasted by BloombergHT and sponsored by Paribu.

Güzem Yılmaz Ertem asked Yasin Oral many questions that people were curious about. The topics discussed in the program involved blockchain technology and regulation agenda.

When Ertem asked: “If the regulation is enacted, will we question the blockchain system”, Oral answered by saying, “No, we will not since blockchain does not mean cryptocurrency. Blockchain does not need to be regulated, but cryptocurrencies do.” Oral also mentioned that Turkey has the potential to perform the regulation properly and comprehensively.

Replying to the questions on the differences between digital currency and cryptocurrency by Ertem, Yasin Oral said: “Cryptocurrency and digital currency are different things. Any money that cannot be held is a digital currency and that can be centralized. Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that is independent and provided with encryption.”

You can watch the full episode below.

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