IKSV Ground Floor has reached 6000 children with its Paribu-sponsored activities

Around 6000 children participated in 10 digital events organized by IKSV Ground Floor under the sponsorship of Paribu.

The digital activities that started with “1 Tale, 1 Kite” workshop continued with the following activities: “Positive Effects of Arts During the Pandemic”, “Sketch Workshop”, “International Disability Week Special: Sign Language”, “A Colorful Tour with Time Machine”, “Upcycling Workshop”, “Animated Cartoon Workshop”, “Father’s Day Special”, and “Journey to A Musical Istanbul Tale”.

Prof. Dr. Feyza Çorapçı, Deniz Soruklu, Gözde Eyce, Burcu Ural Kopan, Buket Ela Demirel, İpek Aktaşlı, Süreyyya Evren, Bige Örer, Deniz Ova, Pınar Akkurt, Eda Erdoğmuş, Yetkin Dikinciler and Göknil Özkök participated in the activities with children.

6 new online events will be organized

IKSV Ground Floor will organize 6 new online events under the sponsorship of Paribu between October 8th and November 12th.

The activities, which are aimed at children and their families, will be supervised by experts in contemporary arts, films, design, literature, dance, and theater. The activities will permanently be accessible for free on IKSV YouTube channel and through IKSV Ground Floor Instagram account.

The activities to be organized by IKSV Ground Floor under the sponsorship of Paribu are as follows:

  • Sculpture workshop inspired by the 16th Istanbul Biennial in collaboration with “Atölye Pikolo”
  • Movie suggestions for families in collaboration with “Çocukla Sinema” (Movies with Children)
  • Design workshop with Eli Bensusan, a participant of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial
  • Creative dance workshop with Gizem Bilgen, trainer and choreographer
  • Children’s book publishing adventure with Burcu Ural Kopan, IKSV Children’s Books editor
  • Story and play workshop with Sevinç Erbulak, actress and writer

Paribu and IKSV Ground Floor, which aims to enable children to access culture and arts, will maintain their collaboration to help children become successful, determined, sensitive, self-confident, and sociable individuals.

Once the pandemic period ends and IKSV Ground Floor opens again, physical activities in addition to online events will continue under the sponsorship of Paribu.

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