How do cryptocurrency trading platforms work?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are websites and mobile apps which allow their users to buy and sell, hence “trade” various cryptocurrencies listed in each platform.

Users who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies can carry out transactions by signing up for a cryptocurrency trading platform.

How does it work?

Operating principle and system of cryptocurrency trading platforms are similar to conventional stock exchange markets. Users first sign up and then they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a certain amount based on their buy & sell orders using the balance in their bank accounts.

Users may store cryptocurrencies they buy through the platform in their accounts on the platform or they may withdraw them to their personal wallets.

Prices in cryptocurrency trading platforms are automatically determined based on supply and demand.

How does trading work?

In order to sign up for cryptocurrency trading platforms, you need a bank account registered in your name and that allows for transactions in the currency supported by such platform. After completing the registration process, you are required to provide your personal identity details to confirm that you are a natural person in order to be able to carry out transactions.

You can instantly carry out cryptocurrency transactions by signing up for Paribu.

How many cryptocurrencies exist?

The total number of cryptocurrencies is around 12,000. Each platform selects certain cryptocurrencies to be listed on its own platform based on predetermined criteria. Accordingly, the number of cryptocurrencies traded on Paribu is currently 53.

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