Fortune Turkey featured Paribu: “A corporate spirit too dynamic to wait for the future”

Ersan Taylan Çıplak from Fortune Turkey featured Paribu from its foundation to today in the June issue of the magazine.

Emphasizing that the number of Paribu users was 600,000 and its average daily transaction volume was $30 million, Çıplak commented, “The entrepreneurship of this dynamic corporation involves inspirational ideas and strategies. Paribu is an extraordinary corporation capable of developing its own technology in fields that have never been explored before or in those previously overlooked”.

Here are some highlights from the article published in Fortune Turkey:

  • Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu developed a passion for software development when he was just a high school student in 2001. Oral’s interest in software, which is more of a passion than mere interest, not only changes his fate but helps him discover what he can achieve with hard work. For instance, he joins the team that developed the website of TÜBİTAK in his high school years. Following this experience, he begins developing websites for transportation companies, which is also a family business. The website developed by Oral becomes the single platform to ensure coordination among house removal companies in Turkey. In 2010, Oral develops website, which is the first web2print platform in Turkey. In the meantime, he also develops various global distance calculation and navigation display projects providing services around the entire world. In 2015, Oral incorporates BiletGo and initiates intercity bus ticket sales. Having gained tremendous experience, Oral explores a completely different area when he begins his studies in economics at Gazi University: Cryptocurrencies.
  • In his own words, because he is a software developer who has studied economics, he has realized the potential of Bitcoin as an innovative value beforehand. In 2015, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were already heading towards a considerable transaction volume in Turkey. Investments in cryptocurrencies had already begun. Explaining that there was a need for a platform on which users could carry out transactions in a secure and practical way in those years, Oral says, “As a matter of fact, Paribu originates from this need. We discovered the gap in the market. Then, we quickly developed projects as a solution to this issue”.
  • Following intensive efforts, Paribu is put into service on February 14th, 2017. Within a period as short as 3 months, Paribu becomes the market leader. In December 2017, Paribu ranks 16th on the list of digital assets trading platforms with the highest transaction volume in the world.
  • Oral comments, “We have ensured that users take a safe step into the system. We act with due diligence and care to guide our users with correct and reliable information. We have become a trustworthy platform because we provide our users with reliable information as required by our transparency principle. We also give them uninterrupted support services”. One of the characteristics which brings Paribu into the forefront is simply the fact that it appeals to everyone. In other words, even those who have never used any financial instrument before can effortlessly carry out transactions on Paribu because its infrastructure is suitable for carrying out transactions easily.
  • The corporate management approach allows for an innovative environment. This approach naturally promotes creativity which leads to real innovation.  Such business culture directly gives shape to the projects.
  • In addition, Paribu is also committed to corporate social responsibility projects. Oral indicates that they do not only focus on the human aspect but also have a sense of commitment to the environment. Oral adds they care for the next generation, too. Oral says, “This is something we consider as our primary responsibility. In this respect, we sponsor IKSV Ground Floor”.

You can read the full article titled “A corporate spirit too dynamic to wait for the future” by Ersan Taylan Çıplak, featuring Paribu in the June issue of Fortune Turkey.

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