Blockchain-based scholarship project was discussed in the Paribu-sponsored ISTBCW meet-up

The Kite Project, which offers grants to students through Ethereum-based smart contracts, was discussed in Istanbul Blockchain Women (ISTBCW) meet-up organized under the sponsorship of Paribu.

Mert Susur, the Founder of the Kite Project and Müge Kılıç, the Team Member Responsible for Student Affairs attended in the meet-up moderated by Ebru Güven and Başak Burcu Yiğit.

In the meet-up, the foundation story of the Kite Project, as well as the grant procedure were detailed, and a female student and a male student received grants during the broadcast.

Within the scope of the Kite Project, the funds collected through cryptocurrencies are given to students in the form of grants, and the whole process is based on the conditions coded by smart contracts. The supporters of the project can follow the status of the student on the platform.

You can watch below the Paribu-sponsored program broadcast online on ISTBCW YouTube.

Bu içerik en son 26 October 2022 tarihinde güncellenmiştir.


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