A first in Turkey: UNICEF Turkey begins accepting cryptocurrency donations through Paribu

Turkey’s first cryptocurrency donations will be made through Paribu to UNICEF Turkey, and these donations will be used to meet the needs of disadvantaged children.

Paribu, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced its collaboration with UNICEF (United Nations International Children Emergency Fund) Turkey National Committee for the future of children. From now on, UNICEF Turkey will be able to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies through Paribu, retain such funds and accept donations. UNICEF has applied this practice only in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and France so far, but now it will do the same in Turkey, which will, thus, be the fifth country on the list.

İnci Haseki, UNICEF Turkey National Committee General Manager, said, “UNICEF exclusively depends on voluntary donations for its activities aimed at ensuring that all the children in the world can equally enjoy their rights. We have undertaken an innovative project by offering those who wish to support the activities of UNICEF the chance to donate by using cryptocurrency. With this collaboration, a pioneering step is being taken in Turkey. We are excited that we will contribute to the activities intended for the most disadvantaged children with such a collaboration”.

Stating that children’s education and needs are among the primary values of Paribu, Yasin Oral, the CEO of Paribu said:

“UNICEF is an important organization that carries out activities to support children living in disadvantageous conditions. We are committed to this cause. If we want to build the future, we believe that we cannot turn a cold shoulder to children’s needs, especially those related to education and health. With the help of technology, we are breaking new ground in Turkey to create a significant funding opportunity”.

Within the scope of the collaboration between Paribu and UNICEF Turkey, first the donations in popular cryptocurrencies  (namely Bitcoin and Ethereum) will be possible.

For detailed information, please refer to “How to donate cryptocurrency to UNICEF through Paribu?”.

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