Universal Market Access (UMA) explained in 6 easy steps

UMA (Universal Market Access) is a protocol on  Ethereum blockchain, allowing for creation of synthetic assets and financial contracts. The governance token of this protocol is UMA.

1. When was it founded and by whom?

UMA was founded by Hart Lambur and Allison Lu, who previously worked for Goldman Sachs, and launched into the market in 2018.

2. UMA’s infrastructure

UMA runs on Ethereum blockchain.

3. What does it offer to users?

Universal Market Access allows for creation of synthetic assets and financial contracts on  blockchain  with an aim to democratize and decentralize financial derivatives markets. Each user on Ethereum blockchain can use UMA contracts to create digitalized derivative instruments without requiring any permission. UMA coin owners are entitled to vote on various changes to the protocol such as system updates.

4. Can UMA be mined?

UMA is not a type of cryptocurrency that allows mining activities.

5. All-time low, all-time high (ATH), and total supply

UMA’s all-time low price was $1.16 on May 25th, 2020 while all-time high price was $43.37 on February 4th, 2021. Total supply of the cryptocurrency is 107,030,850 UMA and the circulating supply is 66,148,198 UMA.

6. How to trade UMA on Paribu?

By clicking on the link, you can trade  UMA .

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