Prb (PRB) explained in 6 easy steps

PRB is the native token of Paribu Net, Paribu’s blockchain project.

1.When was it founded and by whom?

Paribu Net was carried into effect in January, 2022.  Its preliminary sales was completed on February 21st and its trading process began on March 9th on Paribu.

2.PRB’s infrastructure

PRB was developed on the Paribu Net blockchain. Paribu Net is an EVM compatible blockchain network.

3.What does it offer to users?

PRB is the native token of Paribu Net which is a fast, scalable, economic, and secure network and offers interoperability. All the transaction fees in the network are paid through PRB, and the users will act as validators and have a say in the management of the network with the stake feature.

4.Can PRB be mined?

PRB is not a type of token that allows mining activities.  In the periods ahead, there will be the stake feature in the network and the users will be able to vote. Those who have a share in the transaction validation process will get their shares from the validated transactions.

5.All-time low, all-time high (ATH), and total supply

There is no definite information about PRB’s price and supply, yet.

6.How to trade PRB on Paribu?

You can instantly trade PRB by clicking on the link.

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