Clover Finance (CLV) Explained in 6 Easy Steps

Clover Finance (CLV) is an Ethereum blockchain operating system. The native token of the system is called CLV.

1. When was it founded and by whom?

Clover Finance project was created by Viven Kirby, Norelle Ng, and Burak Keçeli in May 2020. It was put into service in July 2021.

2. CLV’s infrastructure

CLV runs on Ethereum blockchain. It consists of four layers as Storage, smart contract, DeFi protocol, and eApp.

3. What does it offer to users?

Clover Finance offers a solution for interoperability and scalability problems found on Ethereum and Polkadot networks. In this way, it is aimed at reducing the gas fees on the network.

4. Can CLV be mined?

CLV is not a type of token that allows mining activities.

5. All-time low, all-time high (ATH), and total supply

CLV’s all-time low price was $0.4288 on July 16th, 2021 while all-time high price was $2.17 on August 31st, 2021. Circulating supply of the cryptocurrency is 128,777,778 CLV and the total supply is 1,000,000,000 CLV.

6. How to trade CLV on Paribu?

By clicking on the link, you can instantly trade CLV.

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